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Join us for an extra special Christmas screening of ELF - coupled with a fun & fascinating talk about the Psychology of Dads, Fatherhood and Family from Dr Anna Machin.

*Each ticket includes 1 x free mulled wine + 1 x mince pie - plus expect a VERY festively decorated venue!

Info & tickets: http://bit.ly/2z3BRCf
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm / Film Starts: 8.00pm

The Talk:

Elf is about two dads - who approach how to look after their rather unusual son in two distinctly different ways. But what does being a dad mean and what do they actually do?

Join dad specialist Dr. Anna Machin to explore the science and psychology of fatherhood. Learn about the hormone and structural brain changes that, just like mum, help dad get ready for his new role.

Explore the very different ways that dads approach being a father around the world (even at the North Pole!) and how who gets the title of “dad” depends not on genes but on doing the job. And, using Papa Elf as our model, understand the unique role all dads play in their child’s development; encouraging and supporting their quest for independence, teaching the social and technical skills that will ensure survival and building a strong attachment that ensures their child develops the confidence and mental resilience to thrive despite life’s inevitable knockbacks. Even if this particular knockback is your biological dad’s less than enthusiastic reaction to having a 6-foot elf as a son. 

Dr. Anna Machin is an evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster. She is fascinated by the science behind close human relationships; those between lovers, friends, parents and children. She is a visiting academic at the University of Oxford where she researches human social behavior and is a regular contributor to TV, radio and print including two seasons of “Married at First Sight” (Channel 4) and the upcoming series “Meet the Humans” (BBC Earth). In June 2018, she publishes the first popular science book to detail the science of fatherhood; The Life of Dad (Simon & Schuster).

This very special Christmas edition of our CineTalks series combines a fascinating lecture, which explores key themes related to the film, followed by watching a blockbuster film and time for discussion and drinks.

You'll hear from fascinating speakers including a range of Ted lecturers, psychiatrists, celebrities, journalists, individuals with amazing stories and more.

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