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Join ex-Mi5 agent & former whistleblower Annie Machon, for a fascinating talk - where we discuss whether we can trust our media.

Much has been made of fake news, post-truth reality, and alternative facts over the last year, particularly in the wake of Brexit and the Trump election win in the USA. And much of this has originated from intelligence agencies, both East and West.

But this is nothing new - intelligence agencies have been influencing our news streams for decades, from the Zinoviev Letter, via Operation Mockingbird, and the Iraq War, to the current "war in whistleblowers".

Drawing on her personal experiences with the media during her
whistleblowing era, as well as subsequent research and work with many journalists and other whistleblowers over the years, Annie Machon will piece together quite how the power structures and levers of control work, both with the old media and the new, to shape our perception of
the world.

Over the last few years she has spoken on this subject at investigative journalism conferences across Europe. Few, if any, journalists have disagreed with her analysis. It is the new realpolitik.

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Talk followed by a Q+A

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